Still Life with Keys

My assignment for this image was to try out one large, soft light source. This is a lighting style I use often and am very comfortable with, so the challenge was finding something interesting that would look good in this kind of light. I decided to go for a bit of an antique look.


I normally post some of my outtakes or interim shots, but I’m skipping that this time–who knows though–perhaps I will come back and add some. In the meanwhile this is my lighting setup. I’ve been loving the double diffusion lately–even with my favorite large softbox. Added a white card to light up the end of the books a bit. Notice the handy holder the white card is standing in. Yep, that is courtesy of my husband’s 3-D printer. I think he was getting tired of hearing me cuss every time my white card would fall over because the cheap Home Depot clamps just don’t work, so he designed this little holder for me. He’s experimenting with a couple other designs as well. Can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

Fernley-Nicole-assignment-5b copy